ILRFEC meeting in Trondheim 10th-12th June, 2014

The ILRFEC meeting will take place at Queen Maud University College of Early Childhood Education (QMUC) in Trondheim, Norway 10th -12th June 2014.

The aim of the ILRFEC is to gather people involved in early childhood leadership research, and to create an arena for presenting leadership research. This is a request for abstract submission for presenting leadership research papers at the meeting in Trondheim. Each speaker will have 15 minutes to do the presentation, and 10 minutes to answer questions and respond to comments from the audience.

The abstract (approx. 200 words) should include the title of the paper and 2–3 keywords. In addition name and contact information, institution and affiliation. The deadline for submitting an abstract is 1st April 2014. The abstracts should be sent by email to

In Sydney we discussed the variety in the use of terms in the ECEC sector. One suggestion was that ILRF should try to contribute to develop a clearer internatsjonal conceptual framework for research and dissemination in the field of leadership in ECEC. We would like to challenge the members to contribute in this, and bring terms and consepts that are difficult give meaningful translation into English, or from English to own language.

The program is not completed, but it would mainly consist of three parts:

1) Visit to a small samle of Norwegian Early Childhood centres, one with focus on outdoor play
2) Presentation of papers from ILRF members
3) A roundtable discussion and planning of future research activities and collaboration among ILRF members.

Monday 9th June is a Holliday in Norway, and that has at least two implications. The shops are closed, and the weekend is a long weekend and there might be a high demand for hotel rooms. It may be necessary to book well in advance.

There are many hotels in Trondheim, and we have som suggestions:

All hotels can be booked at

  • Scandic Solsiden  (the closest one to QMUC, but pretty central, about 5-10 minutes by bus, 25 minutes to walk)

Dowtown hotels

These three ones are downtown. All of them are pretty close to busses to QMUC (2-3 minutes to walk to bus- stop and 5-15 minutes with bus depening on traffic):

  • Best Western Nova Hotell Kurs & konferanse  (the cheapest one, but OK)
  • Best Western Chesterfield Hotel
  • Britannia Hotel (Old and elegant hotel with spa)