Researching Leadership in Early Childhood Education

by Eeva Hujala, Manjula Waniganayake & Jillian Rodd (eds) (2013)

ISBN 978-951-44-9172-6
ISBN 978-951-44-9173-3 (pdf)

Researching Leadership in Early Childhood Education focuses on leadership research in early childhood education and care (ECEC) settings in seven countries from different parts of the world: Australia, Azerbaijan, England, Finland, Norway, Taiwan and Trinidad and Tobago. This publication emerged through conversations that began at the inaugural ‘International Leadership Research Forum’ (ILRF) held in Finland in 2011. It introduces theoretical perspectives and the history of leadership research as well studies on management practices in different countries. This publication responds to the challenges of developing further research into early childhood leadership in a rapidly changing world where young children and families continue to gather at ECEC settings. Effective leadership from early childhood educators can make a difference in ensuring every child enjoys high quality ECEC programs that nurture their wellbeing and developmental potential to the fullest. The international editing team comprised Dr. Eeva Hujala, a Professor at University of Tampere, Finland; Dr. Manjula Waniganayake, an Associate Professor at Macquarie University, Australia and Dr. Jillian Rodd, an educational Consultant based in England.


Eeva Hujala, Manjula Waniganayake & Jillian Rodd:
Cross-National Contexts of Early Childhood Leadership

Jillian Rodd:
Reflecting on the Pressures, Pitfalls, and Possibilities for Examining Leadership in Early Childhood within a Cross-National Research Collaboration

Eeva Hujala:
Contextually Defined Leadership

Manjula Waniganayake: Leadership Careers in Early Childhood: Finding Your Way through Chaos and Serendipity into Strategic Planning

Kari Hoås Moen & Per Tore Granrusten:
Distribution of Leadership Functions in Early Childhood Centers in Norway Following Organisational Changes

Leena Halttunen:
Determination of Leadership in a Day Care Organisation

Yuling Hsue:
Professional Training for Beginning Directors of Early Childhood Education Programs in Taiwan

Ulla Soukainen:
Superior’s Pedagogical Support in Distributed Organisation of Early Childhood Education

Kjetil Børhaug:
Democratic Early Childhood Education and Care Management?

Doranna Wong & Manjula Waniganayake:
Mentoring as a Leadership Development Strategy in Early Childhood Education

Elina Fonsén:
Dimensions of Pedagogical Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care

Ulviyya Mikailova & Vitaly Radsky:
School Leadership in Azerbaijani Early Childhood Education: Implications for Education Transfer

Eeva Hujala & Mervi Eskelinen:
Leadership Tasks in Early Childhood Education

Carol Logie:
Shared Leadership among Caribbean Early Childhood

Johanna Heikka:
Enacting Distributed Leadership in Finland: Perceptions of Early Childhood Education Stakeholders