Thinking and Learning about Leadership: Early childhood research from Australia, Finland and Norway

by Manjula Waniganayake, Jillian Rodd & Leanne Gibbs (Eds.)

Waniganayake, M., Rodd, J. & Gibbs, L. (Eds.). (2015). Thinking and Learning about Leadership: Early childhood research from Australia, Finland and Norway. Research Monograph #2. Sydney: Community Child Care Cooperative NSW.
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This Research Monograph brings together recent work of 20 early childhood leadership researchers from Australia, Finland and Norway. It represents a unique cross-cultural collaboration between researchers from three countries. These chapters reflect their interests in advancing the knowledge base of early childhood leadership with a view to enhancing practice, pedagogy and policy. The Foreword written by Professor Hujala presents this background in more detail.

This publication was made possible through the close collaboration between Macquarie University and the Community Child Care Cooperative (CCCC) located in the State of New South Wales in Australia. CCCC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving children, families, management and staff working in early childhood settings. Today, CCCC has a new name as Community Early Learning Australia (CELA). Our sincere thanks to CELA for enabling us to provide free access to single chapters through the ILRF website.

If you would like to purchase the complete monograph as a single book, please contact CELA at the following website:


Jillian Rodd, Manjula Waniganayake & Leanne Gibbs
Thinking and Learning about Leadership in Early Childhood – An orientation

Manjula Waniganayake & Leanne Gibbs
Early childhood landscape in Australia and re ective comments on Finland and Norway

Kaye Colmer
Leading professional development and learning in early childhood centres:
a social systems perspective

Doranna Wong
Mentoring in early childhood settings: an exploration of experiences of early childhood staff in Singapore

Scott Marsh & Manjula Waniganayake
Exposing and exploring the potential for greater connections between early childhood and school education

Mervi Eskelinen, Leena Halttunen, Johanna Heikka & Elina Fonsén
Early childhood landscape in Finland and re ective comments on Australia and Norway

Mervi Eskelinen & Eeva Hujala
Early childhood leadership in Finland in light of recent research

Johanna Heikka
Shifting the responsibility for leadership from a positional to a distributed endeavour

Elina Fonsén, Marja-Liisa Akselin & Katri Aronen
From distributed leadership towards joint leadership – a case study: the early stages of developing a new ECE leadership model for the City of Hämeenlinna

Leena Halttunen
Developing leadership training: Early Childhood Education leaders’ views

Flormælen, L. S. & Lillemyr, O. F.
Early childhood landscape in Norway and re ections on Australia and Finland

Yngve Skjæveland
Government guidance on leadership of learning in early childhood education and care in Norway

Per Tore Granrusten
The freedom to choose and the legitimacy to lead

Laila Skjei Flormælen & Kari Hoås Moen
Expectations of external stakeholders and external leadership of early childhood centres

Berit Irene Vannebo & Kjell-Åge Gotvassli
The making of a learning organisation in Norwegian early childhood centres

Karin Hognestad & Marit Boe
Leading site-based knowledge development; a mission impossible? Insights from a study in Norway

Jillian Rodd
Bringing it Together: Reflections about Emerging Issues