Program ILRF 2011

Wednesday 12th October
9:00 am Registration and coffee at location University of Tampere, Virta building
10:00 am Child Care Center Tour begins
Group A Group B
Hippos Child Care Center (Kissanmaankatu 21, Tampere). Director Tiina Pyykkö delivers a presentation. Jussinkylä Child Care Center (Sukkavartaankatu 4, Tampere). Director Hanna Hjelt delivers a presentation.
11:30 pm Transfer to the Muotiala Child Care Center (Muotialantie 64, Tampere). Lunch provided. Transfer to the Tasanne Child Care Center (Rusthollinkatu 8, Tampere). Lunch provided.
1:00 pm Discussion Discussion
2:00 pm Coffee Coffee
3:00 pm Back to the University of Tampere Back to the University of Tampere
6:00 pm Networking Party at location University of Tampere, Virta building.


Thursday 13th October
9:00 am Opening of the conference – Eeva Hujala at location University of Tampere, Virta building
Session A
9:10 am Analysis of a Leadership Phenomenon in Aserbaijani Early Childhood Education, Ulviya Mikayilova, Centre for Innovations in Education
9:30 am Early Childhood Education and Strategic Leadership, PhD Candidate Marja-Liisa Akselin, University of Tampere, Finland
9:50 am Perspectives on Adult Roles in Greek Day-care Settings: Who are the leaders? PhD Candidate Eleni Katsiada, Sheffield Hallam University
10:10 am Discussion
10:40 am Refreshment break
Session B
11:00 am Leadership in English Children´s Centres, EdD Candidate Jonathan Wainwright, Sheffield Hallam University
11:20 am How does a New Organizational Structure define Leadership? PhD Leena Halttunen, University of Jyväskylä
11:40 am Leadership Identities of Directors in Early Childhood Education and Care Institutions, Prof Kari Hoas Moen and Assistant Prof Per Tore Granrusten, Queen Maud University College
12:00 am Discussion
12:30 pm Lunch break
Session C
1:30 pm Superior’s Pedagogical Support in Distributed Organization of Early Childhood Education, MEd Ulla Soukainen, City of Turku
1:50 pm Shared Leadership: Dimensions of Commitment and Teacher Management – The Trinidad and Tobago Experience, PhD Carol A. Logie, University of the West Indies
2:10 pm Distributed Leadership in Early Childhood Education, PhD Candidate Johanna Heikka by Cotutelle at University of Tampere and Macquarie University
2:30 pm Discussion
3:00 pm Coffee/tea break
Session D
3:20 pm Leadership Role in the Determination of Preschool Teachers Professional Competence, PhD Candidate Tiina Peterson
3:40 pm Leadership for Pedagogical Quality in Child Care, Prof Eeva Hujala & PhD Candidate Elina Fonsen, Tampere University
4:00 pm Deepening our understandings: Moving from social construction to assessing intention, impact and effectiveness of early childhood leadership, Prof Manjula Waniganayake, Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University, Australia
4:20 pm Discussion
4:40 pm Conclusions
5:00 pm End of the presentation day
7:00 pm Evening gathering at the restaurant Tammerin Puisto, Sokos Hotel Tammer


Friday 14th October
9:00 am Keynote in plenum by Dr Jillian Rodd
10:00 am Discussion
10:15 am Discussion of the forthcoming publication “Researching Leadership in Early Childhood Education”
10:30 am Coffee & Workshops
12:30 pm Lunch break
1:30 pm Conclusion and discussion
3:00 pm End of the ILRF 2011